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Over 1 Billion Men, In The Past 2,000 Years, Have Used This ‘Alpha Male Secret’ From The East – to SUPERCHARGE Their Testosterone and Sexual Performance… allowing Them to Give Any Woman Mind-Blowing Multiple Orgasms During Intercourse (Even If She’s ‘Way Out of Their League’)

Dear friend who wants to Boost his Testosterone Levels and Perform better in the Bedroom,

Would you like to have Healthy, Optimal Testosterone Levels, God-Like Sexual Power, and Rampant Sexual Performance… So you can make any woman Hot, Wet and Horny – and have her whipping her panties off, BEGGING you to “screw her brains out?”

Listen. My name is Adam Armstrong. And many people refer to me as: “The Greatest Sex Coach on The Planet.”

Because, in the last several years, I’ve helped over 40,000 guys ensure their Testosterone Levels are HEALTHY… and then I’ve shown them how to take their Sexual Performance to ‘a whole new level.’ Allowing them to give their women MASSIVE pleasure in the bedroom.

So, I advise you to read this letter very carefully…

Because, you’re about to discover a remarkable new way to:

“On This Page You’ll Find a Secret that’ll Arm You with Amazing Sexual Performance…”

And, when you have Healthy Testosterone Levels, you should also know that you’ll get to enjoy:

You’re about to discover a remarkable new way to become an Alpha Male.

Now, here’s the thing…

Once you’ve read this letter, you’ll know the secret to ensuring you have Healthy Testosterone Levels, and the kind of ‘Sexual Power and Performance’ that’ll allow you to give any woman the very best sex of her life…

…and, you’ll know how to blow the kind of MASSIVE ejaculations that’ll have Male Porn Stars asking you for advice.

However, right now, let me ask you this:

Go on… ererwrwrwt ijjkkjlk lower lkjkljrw lkjrw loewr jkjlwk jwrtklj rwkj lkjr

Answer that question for me right now. And, be honest.

I know it might be tough to admit that your Testosterone Levels, ‘Sexual Appetite,’ and Sexual Performance aren’t as good as you’d like – but you don’t have to share your answers with anyone…

It’ll stay between me and you 😉

Let’s not screw around here – I know your time is valuable and I don’t wanna waste it…

If you can honestly look yourself in the mirror and genuinely say…

“I feel like an Alpha Male. I’m 100% happy with my Sexual Performance, and I’m not interested in learning a proven, 30-second-a-day secret, that’ll Supercharge my Testosterone Levels and Sexual Power, turning me into a ‘Pussy-Satisfying-Beast’ in the bedroom’”…

…then hey, you might as well leave this page now…

…because you’ve got this whole ‘Alpha Male, Testosterone and Sexual Performance Thing’ figured out, and you likely don’t need my help. And that’s cool – IF that’s the case, we can still be friends.

But, here’s the interesting thing…

A while back I asked the readers of my Popular Email Newsletter the exact same question.

I asked nearly 40,000 regular guys:

– Are you 100% happy with your Testosterone Levels and Sexual Performance?

– Would you like to be able to ‘get it on’ with your woman more often, give her a much better quality of sex, make her cum way more frequently and intensely, and completely PLASTER her with your ‘Load’ when you ejaculate?

The good news is – you’re not alone…

You see, only 3% of men said they felt ‘Alpha,’ and were 100% happy with their Sexual Performance…

33% of men said they were ‘fairly happy.’

A giant 74% of men said they needed help with 1 or more of the following things:

Look. I’m not gonna lie to you my friend…

The truth about the current Pussification of men is UGLY. There are very few Alpha Males right now.

But, if you want the kind of Sexual Power and Performance (and Pussy-Soaking ‘Sexual Skills’) that’d put a Porn Star to shame – you need to know this.

So, read on carefully (and don’t worry – I won’t bore you with a ton of science)…

Let’s keep this real simple…

“Women Are Only Attracted to High Testosterone Men”

The ability to perform like a REAL MAN in the bedroom – like an Alpha Male… like a STUD! – and totally SATISFY your woman, night after night… keeping her 100% addicted to you, and only you – requires you to have high reserves of ‘Sexual Energy.’

Now, you might be thinking:

“Sexual energy? Is that even a real thing?”

You can feel it when you’re in the presence of someone with A LOT of Sexual Energy. Sometimes it’s called ‘Animal Magnetism’…

Other times people refer to it as ‘Mojo.’

Guys who have it are the ones who EFFORTLESSLY Pick-Up women everywhere they go. Even women who, based on physical appearance, are way out of their league.

These guys are always Alpha Males.

But, if you only have AVERAGE levels of ‘Sexual Energy’ (which most men do), you’ll likely feel more of the following than you’d like:

And, you certainly don’t feel:

Now, you might still think:

“OK, I know what you mean, but still… is this a “Real” type of Energy. A type of energy that I can actually increase?”

In the Orient (East Asia), they’ve actually developed a reliable and ‘fool-proof’ way to increase your Sexual Energy – SAFELY and NATURALLY.

For most of that time, it was only available to the Elite – a select few Kings and Emperors.

And “YES” – there is a Scientific Basis for this.

What we’re calling ‘High Sexual Energy’ would, in Scientific terms, be called:

‘An Optimal Balance of Youthful Hormones and Neurotransmitters.’*

*Including Testosterone and Growth Hormone.

And, I’m guessing you probably don’t want to hear about all that boring Science stuff, right?

You just wanna know how this Ancient Oriental Secret will give you:

Keep reading to discover EXACTLY how to get those things…

“Fail to Satisfy Your Woman in Bed and There’s a Very Strong Possibility that She’ll CHEAT On You”

Most men DO NOT have High Reserves of Sexual Energy…

Explaining why so many guys are struggling with frustrating, embarrassing and downright humiliating ‘Sexual Performance.’ Including:

– Not having the kind of never-ending ‘Sexual Appetite’ a good woman wants her man to have

– Failing miserably to fully satisfy his woman during sex

– Not giving her Multiple Orgasms during Intercourse (something ALL women secretly want, need and crave – every time they have sex)

– Orgasms that just aren’t very intense and satisfying

– Average Sized ‘Loads’ that cause a woman to think: “Geez, did he even finish?”

And, to make matters worse…

Even if you start doing all the right things – such as Eating Well, drinking less Alcohol, De-Stressing and so on…

It can take weeks, months and even YEARS to replenish your Sexual Energy Reserves (or ‘Get your Mojo’ back).

What’s a man to do if he wants to be an Alpha Male, with Healthy Testosterone Levels, and MASSIVE Sexual Power and Performance… including the ability to make his woman Orgasm over and over again, every night of the week – and blow freakin’ HUGE loads?

Well – Eating Well, drinking less Alcohol, De-Stressing and doing all the other fairly obvious stuff will help.

There’s something else you can do to regain and build-up your Reserves of Sexual Energy, in double-quick time… causing you to have a ferocious ‘Sexual Appetite’ and the Raw Sexual Power required to fuck your woman so HARD…

…she just can’t get enough of you!

Read on and all shall be revealed…

“Women Love to Go to Bed with Strong, Dominant, High Testosterone Men”

Several years back, I was about 40lbs overweight – and my Sexual Performance wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be.

I could perform to some extent – but sometimes, I’d lose interest, and ability, mid-way through sex, and the woman would have to ‘help me out’ (if you know what I mean).

I also lacked the ability to go for hours…

And, my loads weren’t very impressive.

So while I’d be lying if I said I was terrible in bed – I certainly wasn’t a STUD either. Back then, I wasn’t an Alpha… that’s for sure.

Anyway, I became pretty much obsessed with the idea of building Indestructible Health and Optimal Testosterone Levels. While also gaining the kind of ‘Sexual Power and Performance’ that’d blow any woman’s mind.

Anyhow, I switched to eating a Natural, Unprocessed diet that was mostly Organic…

I got more serious about Exercise…

I meditated to reduce my Stress Levels…

And, I drunk plenty of clean Spring Water every single day.

The results were favourable…

I found it easier to Perform at a Higher Level in the Bedroom – and there was certainly an increase in semen volume when I ejaculated.

But, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be.

I saw those guys in the Porn Movies who looked like they could Fuck Forever (without even trying)…

I saw porn actors like Peter North blow quite frankly insanely big cum shots…

Around the same time I met my now good friend – Elwin Robinson… a Master Herbalist.

Elwin had me start taking some Ancient Eastern SuperHerbs in very, very specific quantities.

I remember Helena – an exotic Dancer – telling me that I was the most ‘Beast-Like’ Lover she’d ever been to bed with. It went up her Ass with ease…

I rode that girl ALL NIGHT LONG.

“All Good Women Have a High Sex-Drive When You’re Giving it To Them Good!”

You might think accountants would be BORING in bed – but she SCREAMED in delight when I pulled out of her hot, wet little pussy and shot the “biggest most massive cum shot” she’d ever seen in her life (her words, not mine).

Well, she was a real Dirty Girl.

She couldn’t get enough. After fucking her 5 times in one night – in every way you could possibly imagine – I told her:

“Enough. I need a bloody rest girl”

She agreed that I’d earned it – because I’d given her 17 orgasms during intercourse just that night, and filled all her holes with so much cum it was dribbling out of her for HOURS afterwards.

I’ll save more stories for another day…

But, I think you get the idea.

The Superherbs Elwin gave me were like a MIRACLE!

They took my ‘Sexual Appetite, Power and Performance’ to a level most men will never know. They turned me into an Alpha Male.

The really GREAT News is this…

They’ll work for any man – including YOU my friend!

In fact, the truth is that these little-known, yet ultra-powerful Superherbs will arm you with the kind of Sexual Performance that’ll make any woman hopelessly addicted to you in bed…

And have her BEGGING you for sex day and night.

“Rock Hard Formula will Turn You Into The High Testosterone, Dominant Badass Every Woman Wants in Bed!”

After taking the Superherbs Elwin gave me – and enjoying mind-blowing sexual performances as a result – I called him up one day and said:

“Man, we gotta let other guys try this”

Months of time, effort and research into how to create the very best Sexual Performance enhancing Formula on planet Earth.

A Formula for men who want to be Alpha Males… with Healthy Testosterone Levels, a huge ‘Sexual Appetite,’ and enough ‘Sexual Power’ to FULLY SATISFY even the most hard-to-satisfy women. Not to mention… incredibly intense and powerful orgasms, and really ‘Big Loads.’

Eventually, we perfected the Formula (including 9 of the most Powerful Eastern Superherbs on the Planet – in very specific ratios). And, it’s now ready for you to get your hands on… so you can get the same tremendous Sexual Benefits I now enjoy on a daily basis 🙂

It’s called Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula.

And there are 4 simple ways you can take it…

Alternatively, if you like, you can:

Impossible to get it wrong?

Damn right you should! (Assuming you want to safely and naturally Boost your Testosterone Levels, become an Alpha Male, and enjoy the kind of ‘Sexual Power and Performance’ most women would KILL to experience).

And, the really neat thing is…

The benefits you’re gonna get from Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula aren’t just SEXUAL.

“Rock Hard Formula INCREASES Your T-Levels – Helping You Build Muscle & Strength, and Lose Body-Fat”

Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula will turn you into an Alpha Male – allowing you to experience rampant ‘Sexual Appetite,’ unstoppable Sexual Power and Performance, and MASSIVE ‘loads’…

All the non-sexual benefits listed above…

And, it’s gonna take you 30-seconds-a-day, max, to prepare and enjoy!

Right now, you might be wondering:

Ingredients:Man Tea Rock-Hard Formula is a propriety blend of the highest quality, most potent SuperHerbs on the Planet…

According to He Shou Wu is the most amazing anti-aging and longevity herb of all – and can be used to increase sex-drive, fertility, sperm count and build semen volume (even in old men).

According to Nettle Root can be of benefit to the health of your Prostate, Joints, Blood Sugar Levels, and Skin. And, perhaps most interestingly – Nettle Root has been shown to support healthy Testosterone Levels.

Salvia Root supports healthy blood circulation around the body. This is explained on Healthy blood flow is required for a strong erection, hence the reason why this herb is important for any man wanting hard, long lasting erections.

Over on there is an explanation into the huge number of benefits Goji Berry can give you – including improvements in sexual function. These improvements occur because Goji encourages circulation (and blow flow) around the body. detail some exciting benfits of Cistanche – including an increase in sexual potency, and even size, in men. Also mentioned is how this herb improves sexual function and performance.

Of the many benefits, listed on, that men can get from Tribulus – the following are probably of most interest… it’s a natural testosterone booster that improves sexual function, and sexual satisfaction.

On there is detailed explanation into how Horny Goat Weed can: increase sex-drive, testosterone levels and stamina in men. While also helping boost erectile performance and re-kindle sexual fire. It’s also named one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs in the world. explain how Eucommia Bark is a powerful strengthener of the reproductive system, and stimulator of the sex glands and organs. They also detail how this Superherb can normalize sexual function and increase libido. explain how Morinda Root can be used to strengthen male sexual performance, and improve impotence and premature ejaculation. And they show studies that prove it.

“Here’s What’s in Rock Hard Formula…”

1 Packet is 150grams and contains 30 servings. That’ll last you a month.

Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula is a unique blend of the 9 Superherbs listed above. While each is powerful on it’s own – together, as mixed in the very specific quantities in Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula… their power is greatly enhanced

IMPORTANT: Most supplements and herbal products are not made to high standards. In fact, many are made to a shockingly LOW standard. However, unlike the vast majority of people who sell supplements, which actually consume Rock Hard Formula, on a daily basis! We feel confident to do this, because we know Rock Hard Formula is not only top quality, it’s also produced to pharmaceutical levels of safety and purity. Rock Hard Formula is made in a NSF cGMP facility that is FDA registered and inspected. Rock Hard Formula is also Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Vegetarian.

There are at least 5 Proven FACTS that make Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula different to all the other ‘Testosterone Boosting’ and ‘Sexual Power Enhancing’ Supplements out there for men.

Many formulas that are intended to improve a man’s Sexual Performance, are sold in CAPSULE format.

The problem with capsules is that you get very little product. So, the outcome you get is either:

– Poor results (because you simply aren’t consuming enough of the testosterone boosting, sexual performance enhancing ingredients)

– Good results (but it costs you a small fortune, because you end up having to take 20, 30, 40 or more capsules per day!)

Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula is a POWDER.

Just add 2 teaspoons to hot water, stir and drink. Couldn’t be simpler (it’s just like making Instant Coffee)…

And, it’s much more cost-effective than any capsule product on the market.

Many herbal formulas and supplements contain herbs of very LOW quality.

But in Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula you get the HIGHEST quality Superherbs possible.

Super-potent ingredients.

What this means is that every teaspoon of Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula is 50X as powerful as the market average!(Because, the ingredients in Rock Hard Formula are 10X the strength of the market average, and a serving of Rock Hard Formula is 5X as big as the market average. And… 10 x 5 = 50 🙂

Most companies use the RAW herbs. Because they’re cheap.

But in Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formulas we’ve used herbal extracts – which are incredibly potent and way more powerful than raw herbs.

Many supplements that claim to give men higher Testosterone Levels, and great ‘Sexual Power and Performance,’ contain TOXIC FILLERS.

These toxic fillers are added because they’re CHEAPER than safe, natural alternatives.

These fillers aren’t just a waste of your money – they can be downright DANGEROUS.

PAYING for something that’s gonna decrease your Health and Sexual Performance.

For instance, one of the most popular products on the market contains SUCRALOSE.

Here’s a partial list of just some of the Scientifically Proven health problems this ‘toxic filler’ can lead to:

And that’s the side-effects from just one of the MANY toxic fillers present in most of the supplements on the market that claim to Boost Testosterone and give men better Sexual Performance.

Of course, Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula is free from toxic fillers and is made up of nothing but 100% pure Superherbs.

It’s totally Safe and Natural.

Many supplements that aim to give men better Sexual Performance, and Higher Testosterone Levels, are thrown together by companies with poor knowledge of how their ingredients work.

So, while some ingredients can give you a greater desire for sex, and they may also help you perform a bit better during sex – they can also lead to SERIOUS health problems if taken in the wrong dosages!

Many of these supplements contain an ingredient called L-Arginine.

And, while there’s no doubt that L-Arginine can help you ‘perform better’ in the bedroom – it can also cause some very unwelcome side-effects.

Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula doesn’t contain L-Arginine – or any other toxic ingredient at all. Even if you drink it every day for the next 5, 10, 15 years or more.

Because Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula is a powder that you turn into a tea (or add to a smoothie or shake) – your body doesn’t have to waste TIME and ENERGY breaking down capsules to absorb the ingredients.

This makes Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula both Fast-Acting, and gentle on your Digestive System.

Some men will notice better Sexual Performance, and greater ‘Sexual Desire,’ after just one serving.

Most men will notice A TON of improvement within as little as 2-5 days.

Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula is better than Capsule Based Supplements in 5 important ways…

Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula is a safe and natural way to Boost your Testosterone Levels, and dramatically improve your Sexual Power and Performance (much to your woman’s delight! 😉

It’s more powerful than Capsule Based Supplements, and way more cost-effective too.

It doesn’t come with any of the Nasty Side-Effects.

Right now, you’re probably wondering:

“Take Rock Hard Formula Daily and You’ll Experience A TON of Red-Hot Sex”

Because Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula is clearly so much SAFER and more POWERFUL than everything else out there – you might be thinking it’s gonna cost you a small fortune…

Heck, you might very well be reading this letter right now thinking you’d happily pay a small fortune for this Powerful SuperHerb Formula!

After-all, being an Alpha Male, with Healthy Testosterone Levels…

Plus… totally owning the ability to easily get aroused, and ‘ready for Action in the Bedroom,’ anytime you like…

…and then TOTALLY SATISFYING your woman, finishing by blowing a HUGE load for her, is pretty important, right?

Yet, here’s the thing…

Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula is extremely reasonably priced.

It’s not CHEAP – because cheap products contain cheap, worthless, sometimes dangerous ingredients.

Many Supplements can easily set you back HUNDREDS of dollars a month. And, they very often give you NO RESULTS whatsoever. Plus – they sometimes come with a myriad of potential side-effects (some of which are extremely NASTY).

Yet Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula is SAFE and NATURAL, and will work for you in the short and long-term.

“Here’s What’s in Rock Hard Formula…”

You should also know that Rock Hard Formula is 50X as powerful as the market average!

Here’s why:
1 serving of Rock Hard Formula is 5 grams. That’s 5X as much as the typical ‘2 Capsules’ you get with most supplements (and 2 Capsules is only 1 gram of ingredients).

And, we use only the finest SuperHerb Extracts in Rock Hard Formula. SuperHerb Extracts that are at least 10X as powerful as the RAW HERBS you get in most supplements.

Here’s the math: 5X as much ingredients per serving X ingredients that are 10X as powerful = 50X as powerful as the market average! And that, my friend, is why Rock Hard Formula delivers HUGE RESULTS!

And, despite all that, it won’t cost you hundreds of dollars a month.

…not to mention, A TON of non-sexual benefits too – all the result of having Healthy Testosterone Levels. Including:

I must be mad to be offering you all that for under 100 bucks.

“If You Want Your Woman to Have Eyes for You, and Only You – You Gotta SATISFY Her in Bed (and That’s Exactly What Rock Hard Formula will Help You to Do!)”

You can pay 100 bucks for a pair of pants…

A mediocre dinner at a crappy restaurant…

Or simply to fuel up your car…

And, while none of those things will change your life – the ability Fuck your Woman’s Brain Out, whenever you want, for as long as want, WILL…

Because you’ll be able to FULLY SATISFY her any time, any place. Which WILL make you feel like a Real Man… it’ll make you feel Alpha…

Sending your sexual confidence through-the-roof.

I’ll warn you now though…

(And, you should also know that… we could SELL OUT before the timer hits Zero. It’s happened before, and it could happen again. So order now, and Take Advantage of the Special Prices, while you still can)…

3 Packets Delivered Every Three Months

*Note: Your order includes the following BONUSES for free:

“Healthy Testosterone Levels, and Your Best Sexual Performance Ever… 

or Your Money-Back – Guaranteed”

“Ordering Rock-Hard Formula is a No-Brainer – Because It’s Risk-Free”

When you make the wise choice to invest in Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula today, my promise to you is very simple and clear…

Enjoy the formula once-a-day for 60 days – following the ‘fool-proof’ instructions on the packet.

Then, if don’t enjoy the best Sexual Performance of your life, and you don’t feel the most ‘Sexually Powerful’ you ever have – simply send me back your empty bag and I’ll refund you in FULL.

Can’t say fairer than that…

Because all the RISK is on me.

Honestly though, I know you’re gonna love Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula. Because it’s gonna help you:

While also causing you to experience:

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula is going to help you become a true Alpha Male – and a  total STUD in the bedroom!

“It’s Simple Math: Rock Hard Formula Gives You Rock Hard Erections = Total Satisfaction for Your Woman!”

Even so, right now, I know you might be sceptical.

I don’t blame you for being sceptical. After-all – there are A LOT of people out their selling crap, yet promising the Earth, as far as Boosting Testosterone and Improving Sexual Performance go.

Yet, here’s the neat thing…

You don’t just have to take my word for it when I say that Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula will give you the very best Sexual Performance of your life…

Rock-Solid Proof Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula really works*

*Name and locations changed for privacy purposes – results not typical

“Adam Armstrong’s books and videos have transformed my love-making skills. Now his new Man Tea has transformed my sexual power. Just last night I had sex three times with my wife and lasted at least 20 minutes every time. Pretty cool considering my sexual performance was distinctly average prior to taking Adam’s formula. I highly recommend it.”

“Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula is the real deal. I feel like a STUD in the bedroom since I began taking it. Yesterday I slept with 2 different women. Abigale said my cock was ‘the hardest she’d ever seen.’ Phoebe said she’d never been fucked so HARD and DEEP in her life. It’s just freaking awesome!”

“Yet again Adam delivers the goods. I tried his Rock-Hard Formula a while ago and was blown away. Heat some water, add a couple teaspoons, stir it and drink it. Simple as that. And the results? Everything Adam promises – true Alpha Male Sexual Performance. Bigger loads and the ‘Sexual Appetite’ like I had in my teens. My girlfriend even says my penis seems fuller when it’s erect. I’m happy, she’s happy.”

“2 days ago I hooked up with a f**k-buddy I’ve not seen in a while. We’ve had sex 7 times in the past 48 hours and I’m not done yet. She can’t get enough of my rock-hard erection. Where’s my appetite and stamina come from? Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula”

“At 67 years of age I wasn’t feeling very ‘Alpha’ in the bedroom. And, I assumed that was ‘normal’ at my age. Then I emailed Adam and he told me to try Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula, and now I’m a changed man. I can now keep up with my 42 year old wife in the bedroom – and we’re even considering visiting some ‘swingers parties’ because my wife says it’d be fun to put some of those young guys to shame with my newfound hardness and stamina. Bring it on! Happy days.”

In this special report you’ll discover 5 unusual Sex Positions sure to make any woman cum over and over and over again.

The really good news is…

All 5 of these proven positions work like a charm even if you’re small ‘down there’ and don’t have very much sexual experience.

Looking good NAKED will take your sexual confidence to the next level. And massively increase how attractive you are to women.

To look good Naked you need:

In this powerful 30 day workout program I’ll show you exactly how to GET RIPPED QUICK – in 30 days or less – and finally look and feel like a true Alpha Male, a true Stud, every time you ‘get it on’ with your woman.

When you give a woman Penetration Orgasms, 3 things always happen:

And, the GREAT News is: In this video I explain it all…

Exactly how to give your woman Penetration Orgasms every single time 😉

For women, sex is a very MENTAL thing.

Meaning that if you wanna be a GREAT LOVER – you gotta stimulate a woman’s mind in the bedroom…

In this special report I’ll teach you 17 powerful, never-before-revealed, Dirty Talk Phrases guaranteed to get your woman hot, dripping wet, horny and BEGGING you for more.

In this powerful Audio Bonus I sit down with my friend and co-creator of Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula – Master Herbalist Elwin Robinson – and discuss the best of the Ancient Taoist Secrets for HEALTH, Longevity and Sexual Power.

Combine what you learn here with Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula and you’ll turn yourself into an unstoppable force – inside and outside of the bedroom.

Yours for FREE when you order Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula today.

“Your Woman Will BEG YOU for Sex Day-and-Night – When You Start Giving It To Her Real Good!”

The 9 SuperHerbs that make up Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula each have between 2,000 and 6,000 YEARS of research and proof behind them!

They’ve been used, with great success, by over a BILLION men in Eastern Countries!

The Ancient Taoist Masters discovered these SuperHerbs centuries ago – and have been enjoying the testosterone boosting and sexual performance enhancing results they produce for THOUSANDS of years since.

With the help of my friend – Master Herbalist Elwin Robinson – I’ve simply combined 9 of the best of these proven SuperHerbs and turned them into The World’s most Powerful Enhancer of Male Sexual Power and Performance.

Taking the Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula once-a-day is a pleasure and a joy. Because it’s 100% SAFE and NATURAL.

Plus, it’ll also give you…

When you take Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula once-a-day… you’ll be enjoy RAMPANT Sexual Performance, and all the traits of an Alpha Male…

Your woman will be addicted and obsessed with you in bed (because you make her cum more often in one night than most LOSERS make their women cum in a month)…

And, you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

In contrast – if you have currently have ‘non-Alpha’ Sexual Performance – you could change nothing. You could simply carry on as you are.

But where will that leave you?

In the exact same position you’re in now…

Not enjoying as much sex as you’d like…

Unable to fuck your woman as often as you’d like…

Very average Sexual Performance (leaving your woman hopefully unsatisfied, frustrated, resentful, and possibly thinking of CHEATING on you).

A lack of Sensitivity and Intensity when you Ejaculate.

Average-Size ‘Cum Shots’ (that no true Alpha Male would be proud of – and no good woman would be impressed by).

Just like the average Beta Male/‘Nice Guy.’

If you choose to change nothing, it’ll leave you feeling like a total PUSSY – with a low level of Sexual Power. With the embarrassing Sexual Power of a ‘Beta Male’ (as opposed to a powerful Alpha Male).

It’ll leave you feeling like a man who can’t satisfy his woman. In fact, let’s be honest…

That’s exactly what you’ll be if you choose to change nothing:

A man who CANNOT satisfy his woman.

This kind of embarrassing, frustrating and downright humiliating lack of Alpha Male Sexual Power doesn’t improve itself. No. On the contrary – it gets WORSE over time.

Of course, you could choose to use ‘Capsule Based Supplements’ like many other guys do.

“Capsule Based ‘Supplements’ for Increasing Testosterone and Erection Quality Are Often Useless at Worst, and Harmful at Best”

“Take Rock Hard Formula – and You’ll Experience The Quality Sex-Life You Truly Deserve”

If you want Healthy Alpha Male Testosterone Levels, High Sexual Desire, and Very STRONG and POWERFUL ‘Sexual Performance,’ you have 3 options…

Firstly, you can do NOTHING about it. But, that won’t help. Not one bit.

Secondly, you can take ‘Capsule Based Supplements.’ But, that’s a VERY BAD idea for the 5 reasons I just gave you above.

Thirdly, you can start taking Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula once-a-day. That’s a very wise and smart idea because it’ll give you the kind of High Testosterone Levels, Rampant Sexual Performance, and Huge Loads every man wants – but very few will ever experience.

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula will give you the kind of Sexual Power that’s essential for an Alpha Male to have!

And, it’ll give you those benefits every single day, whenever you want.

Is Man Tea: Rock-Hard Formula quick and easy to prepare?

YES (it’ll take you about 30 seconds a day)

Will it give you an Incredible ‘Sexual Appetite’ and Massive, Pussy-Satisfying Sexual Performance?

Will it help you blow HUGE loads?

YES (To buy all the ingredients separately would cost you a small fortune every month – literally hundreds of dollars. And, it’d be extremely time-consuming to find ingredients of the right quality. Plus, to make matters worse… mixing them in the correct quantities would be impossible).

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Can’t say fairer than that…

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The 9 Superherbs that make up this powerful formula have thousands of years of proof behind them – from the Ancient Chinese Taoist Masters (who were some of the greatest lovers to ever live).

I’ve simply taken these proven ingredients, worked with my friend Elwin Robinson – a Master Herbalist – and created a formula that is mind-blowingly effective for any man who wants to boost his Testosterone Levels, and experience:

“Whatever Your Age – You Can Benefit Greatly From Rock Hard Formula”

You’re never too old to benefit from this formula.

Honestly, you could be 99 years old and I’d still encourage you to take it – because it’ll not only help you ‘in the bedroom’ – but also because it’ll give you a ton of other health benefits, including:

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E.N, age 42 – Australia

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Adam Armstrong & Elwin Robinson

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IMPORTANT: Please Read Carefully, Before You Purchase Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula…

Dear friend who wants Healthy Testosterone Levels, and Powerful Sexual Performance,

We’re committed to helping you enjoy Sexual Performance – and a quality of sex with your woman – that’s ‘off-the-charts.’

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula can help you to do exactly that…

It can Boost your Testosterone Levels, and help you experience:

However, while most ‘sex experts’ and people offering ‘solutions to poor sexual performance’ will happily lie-to-your-face and tell you that their solution to your problem works INSTANTLY, and requires NO EFFORT…

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Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula can help you achieve VERY IMPRESSIVE Sexual Performance! The kind of Sexual Performance any Alpha Male would be proud of!

You can absolutely stop performing BADLY (or not as well as you’d like) in the bedroom… and start performing like a Total Stud…

Satisfying your woman, over and over again, every night of the week!

It might take a little time and effort.

You see, simply buying some Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula isn’t enough. You need to actually drink a cup of it every day (or add to to a smoothie, or soup, or sprinkle it over your breakfast cereal).

Many people buy Supplements, or Superfoods, or SuperHerbs, take ‘em once – then just leave them, forgotten and lonely, in their kitchen cupboards!

If you drink ONE cup of Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula – then forget to drink it… or only drink it once or twice a month – you might as well not bother!

Because it’ll only work well, and you’ll only get the best testosterone-boosting, and sexual performance enhancing benefits from it, if you drink ONE CUP A DAY.

Please commit to that! (It’s quick and easy… it’ll literally take you just a few seconds a day).

You gotta consume Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula every day, if you wanna MAXIMIZE your results – and really stand a fighting chance of enjoying massive Sexual Performance (and completely satisfying your woman in bed).

Well, the next thing we wanna make you aware of is this:

IF you do everything WRONG. If you live a really shitty lifestyle…

If you eat fast food most of the time, smoke 60-a-day, drink a six-pack (or 2) of beer every night – and take more Drugs than a Crack Whore…

If you do that kinda thing… the results of taking Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula likely won’t be very noticeable…(although it will still be good for you!)

Because you’re poisoning yourself in MULTIPLE ways, slowly but surely draining yourself of health and vitality…

And NOTHING will help you get experience better Sexual Performance until you STOP engaging in those self-destructive behaviours, or, at least, cut down on them.

“Rock Hard Formula Gives You Higher T-Levels – and Higher T-Levels Means More Strength, More Muscle and Less Body-Fat”

If you really want Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula to give you Optimal Testosterone Levels, and Rampant Sexual Performance– you should also:

Do those things, and then consume Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula each day… and that’s when you start performing in bed in ways that’ll make a Porn Star jealous!

“If You Want to Hear Your Woman SCREAM Your Name Every Time You Fuck Her – You Need High Testosterone Levels”

Knowledge is POWER – but only when you TAKE ACTION.

We’re giving you BIG knowledge here…

The knowledge that if you consume Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula each day – while also eating healthy, exercising and not abusing cigs, drugs and alcohol – you’ll almost certainly enjoy massive sexual performance (and a very SATISFIED woman in your life!)

But, that knowledge will only be POWERFUL for you when you put it into action.

Simply buying some Man Tea ain’t enough.

Our challenge to you is to:

Dot those simple things, and BOOM – you better be ready…

Because you’re gonna be so sexually powerful you’re woman is gonna be BEGGING you for it – like your own personal greedy little whore – ‘day and night’ 😉

Wishing you the kind of Sexual Performance, and the quality of Sex-Life, you truly desire and deserve…

Adam Armstrong and Elwin Robinson
The Creators of Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula

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One thing we need to be really clear on:

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula works to help you build incredible health – including Optimal Testosterone Levels, and really Powerful Sexual Performance.

It gives your body the nutrients it needs to be stronger, healthier, more immune to stress and with more balanced hormones (including Testosterone).

In the East, which is where the ingredients in Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula originally come from, they use it to build Sexual Energy (Jing), to ensure long life and the ability to have lots of children, even when you get older (Sexual Potency).

It’s been used successfully for this purpose by literally billions of people, over the course of thousands of years.

However, what it’s not is a medicine.

Because medicines, whether herbal, or drugs, tend to have nasty side effects, and you have to be very careful taking them.

What this means is that we’re not here to fix any medical issue.

It’s possible that nourishing your body with Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula could help your body heal itself…but it’s certainly not guaranteed.

Also, if you’re taking any medication, there is a chance that any lack of satisfaction you’re experiencing in your sex-life may be caused by that. We can’t comment on whether that’s the case for you…only a medical professional can advice you on your specific situation concerning that.

However, the thing to bear in mind is that, if you have a problem that’s related to any medication you’re taking – or to any health issue you have – then it’s likely that Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula won’t be able to help with that.

As we state in our disclaimer, you should seek advice from a qualified health professional before taking Man Tea, and that’s especially important if you have a medical issue, or are taking any medication.

So again, to be clear: this is NOT a ‘miracle cure’ for a medical issue.

What it IS, is a herbal tea formula, used successfully for thousands of years, by many millions of men, to experience:

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula is NOT a medicine – and it works by nourishing the body with the exact NUTRIENTS that it needs to be sexually stronger, more balanced and potent.

3 Packets Delivered Every Three Months

*Note: Your order includes the following BONUSES for free:

US (and International Orders): 1 (917) 675-3052

*To obtain a refund for Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula – simply email or call us, within 90 days of purchase, ask for a refund, and that’s exactly what we’ll give you. No questions, no funny business.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

WARNING: the Superherbs in Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula are very powerful and effective. Plus, they are as safe as most natural foods. However, as with any foods, there is a small chance your body will have an adverse reaction to them. Please remember to always consult a qualified healthcare professional about any changes to your diet or lifestyle. This is especially important if you have any medical condition or are taking medication – please check with a qualified healthcare professional that it is safe for you to try this herbs.

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