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Why 97% of students score less than 70% in their tests…Because they can’t remember things for an exam.

Why most students settle for a measly grade of 48% – 65% in their exams…Because they can’t concentrate.

How YOU can EVOLVE and earn anywhere from 75% – 100% in a test no matter THE SUBJECT by simply applying my simple “Ultimate Study Secrets”

How I earned an extra 40% in two exams last year alone by applying these EXACT SAME study secrets … In FAR LESS TIME than it takes other students to apply.

From:  Rick AurtusTuesday, 12:45 PM

I want to tell you an important story about 2 students just like you…

Two students were fed up working day and night for the grades they wanted. They decided to try and find a new way of Studying for their College Exams. Both spoke to their teachers, spend money on study guides. Both tried to sit down and concentrate all the time. Remember everything they had read for their tests, get rid of their nerves, and MASTER managing their time when it came to a study plan.

Both came from similar families, had similar intelligence, and dedication. They were decent students in school and both knew they were capable of much, much more.3 years later, the same two students met at a seminar where they were trying to further their career, in the companies they respectively worked for. They were still very much alike. Both had become successful managers. Both had dramatically improved their income (from those student Jobs) both felt they had achieved success since leaving school. But there was one difference…   The first man did ‘ok’ at college and was now a successful marketing manager making an ‘ok’ five figures a year listening to his boss. Hoping for his Job one day… He only worked about 40 hours a week and had a good life.

What Allowed ONE Student To Score A+ Grades ALL THE TIME Like Clockwork?While The ‘Other Guy’ Was ‘Studying’ For The Same Amount Of Time And Only Scored A FRACTION OF WHAT HE DESERVED!

You see, the second guy was using closely-guarded study secrets I accidentally stumbled upon a couple years ago. While at university myself, there is one particular secret that a friend and I have kept to ourselves for awhile—and have been utilizing it to remember more, concentrate ALL the time for an exam …even REDUCE STRESS TOTALLY, and Score at least 90% in Exams with hardly ANY effort!

In fact, last year, I mentioned these exact secrets in a blog post, and all my fellow student buddies were DYING to find out. Whenever we chat on the phone or text each other, they constantly hounded me to reveal these secrets.

In fact, one guy (who’ll remain nameless so I won’t embarrass him) actually made fun of me when I told him the name of these secret strategies (the “Ultimate Study Secrets”)…but wanted in on the secrets too!

But at the end, I had the last laugh. Why? Well, here’s a short case study of how I was able to exploit just one—yet VERY rewarding—secret to earn a Distinction in a subject I knew very little about…One Week before the Exam!

EXCLUSIVE Case Study: How I EarnedA Sweet 90% In An Exam During One Of The BUSIEST TIMES Of My Life in 2007!

Last year, I picked up a physics course called “Electrodynamics”. I found out the FAILURE rate for this course was 62% and the average mark for this course was 58% (before the grades were scaled)

Now that might seem pretty bad, to most students but what EVERYONE missed (including my clueless professor, is within a few short weeks, I applied the ‘Ultimate Study Secrets” and multiplied that ‘average RAW grade’ 58% into 90% (on all exams and quizzes I sat for that subject!).

That’s a 32% difference from what the lecturer expected from his average student…

GUESS WHAT! The year before that I was FAILING EXAMS…YES that’s right, I had failed ONE subject three times and many, many more…


I Took 8 Subjects in one semester. Average Mark = 55%

…Applied The “Ultimate Study Secrets” I had recently discovered!

Boosted grades to over 90% in another 8 subjects in the next semester That’s Over a 60% improvement in ALL MY GRADES!!

Not Bad For a Guy Who was Close To Being Kicked Out of University!

Best Part?Even though I came in second place in the class for that particular subject, I slaughtered everyone else’s quiz marks by consistently earning 80% or more in them thanks to these powerful and potent ultimate study secrets!

The best part is I ALWAYS slept well at night, before an exam knowing That every bit of Time I spent for the exam was maximized and knowing my transcript overall looks better then the other guy, who beat me in that one subject. 

(In fact, I CONSTANTLY remind XXXX XXXXXXX—the guy who beat me out in that subject—that I completely annihilated him in Average marks across our entire course—thanks to just one of these secrets!)

Grab These Ultimate Study Secrets right Now

Now you may think this was a fluke. But I was able to do this six OTHER times last year with the same results! 

Believe me: after awhile, people started catching on and began asking me,
“How the HECK did you do that?” Since they know I still worked in a
part time job and love to go out! I WILL EXPLAIN MORE IN A SECOND…

Here are
just a few of the ‘problems’ that will never bother you again: IMAGINE…

Ultimate Study Secrets allow you to harness incredible power! Power to receive
WHAT’S YOURS, what you’ve worked your tail off to achieve!

what the ultimate study secrets allow you to do:

I can’t tell you everything now, what I CAN tell you is:

Discovered These Exam Secrets
from a Series of “Out-Of-Print” Guides I Found On eBay!!!

Here’s what happened:
I was browsing eBay a while back for study skills, eBooks, text books, ANYTHING
REALLY!!! I WAS DESPERATE I stumbled upon this rare CD from an extremely famous
psychologist and bought it right away from the UK.

When I got it in the
mail, I stuck it in my laptop and plowed through the information for a whole
night. The content absolutely BLEW me away as this particular author describes these
simple tricks no student EVER uses.

So I thought to myself,
“How can I apply these powerful secrets to MY OWN subjects?”

I applied them to the Physics
subject I took and to each and every exam I sat for, for the rest of my student
Career and the grades I DESERVED started to roll in. I kept these secrets to
myself in fear that other students would find out and I could not top the class

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.  After
I told my closest friends… Someone leaked it at university in October and rumors
of it started spreading like a mutant virus. 

So I decided to reveal this NOW before
OTHER people on the net discover it and rehash it in all kinds of eBooks,
courses, and study forums! And forget that really these secrets are made up of VERY SIMPLE
Easy-To-apply Steps.

I told everyone there was ONE condition:

I Would
ONLY Reveal This Ultimate Study Secret at an “After-Hours” Session…

And The
Cameras HAD To Be SHUT OFF!!!

So for two FULL hours I spilled the beans. I revealed how
anyone can “bump” their grades with VERY LITTLE EFFORT and massively
improve what their transcript tells future employers. I also unveiled several
case studies of how I used the “Ultimate Study Secrets” in OTHER subjects
while studying at university.

In fact, I even told them why it makes
me sick to my stomach when students study for exams and DON’T implement these secrets. They’re just making

“heartbreak marks”…meaning they’re making enough grades to get by,
but aren’t making CLOSE to what’s possible (and what YOU deserve)!

After the two hours was up I had revealed
intimate details of how I used these Study secrets. People at the seminar
thanked me over and over. And I was GLAD the cameras were OFF because I didn’t
want these details spread all over the world…

…until Pete Morgan told me he secretly
hid a tape recorder and recorded the WHOLE thing from the back of the room
for himself to have.

I’ve since forgiven Pete.  And luckily
for you, I’ve since changed my mind about keeping these secrets since this is
critical knowledge the serious Student NEEDS to know to build a solid long-term

In fact, you’ll get every single detail
of these “Insider” Ultimate Study Secrets served to you on a silver
platter when you invest in:

“Ultimate Study

How To
Catapult Your Exam Grades From A Measly 48-58% To A Whopping 90% or MORE
Using A Couple SIMPLE Tweaks!!!

it really is that easy…

I CAN tell you is that it’s NOT a product or a software tool, but a simple
strategies that I’ve never really seen anyone else use before me, in
fact, I’ve never seen anyone else even try to copy it, yet…

Study Secrets Explains “How Study Skills Have Evolved”

Just imagine, you pick any subject or course
that you’d like to study. Where there are exams for this subject. 
You then pull out the “Ultimate Study Secrets” and apply it to
the subject you have chosen! 

And almost instantly you’ll see a huge
spike in your grades.  And what’s even cooler is that you can actually
apply the “ultimate study secrets” MORE THEN ONCE on other
subjects you are taking RIGHT NOW!!!

Now because these secrets are so powerful,
I actually am giving you the full secrets (in detail) to go over and over
again, but as an extra bonus.


These study guides will come to you as a
bonus if you download today!

Now I know you might be thinking, “OK
Rick. That whole ‘closely guarded secrets people have been
keeping from you’ line is getting REALLY old. I read that OVER and OVER
again and it sounds like a bunch of hype.

Listen: I understand where you’re coming
from. But, rest assured, I’m DEAD serious when I say I’ve never seen ANYONE
else do it before me. And the few people who DO know this potent secret haven’t
copied it yet!

Instead of hitting “singles” and
“doubles” every time you go up to bat and sit for an exam, you’ll be
hitting walloping Home Runs!

And does it work…?  Let me show you
the power:

Rick Had Told Me This Stuff A Year Ago, I Would Have Had a Scholarship By

Aiva Rollson
University of NSW

with Honors)

years ago I met Rick at a state sporting event he told me about HOW he USED
HIS TIME to study.
So I decided to put his ideas to the test and BLATANTLY COPY what he was

By just basically doing a COPY AND PASTE job, my grades went from
…to An AMAZING TURN-AROUND, I Literally re-wrote my

When I actually discovered all his secrets, and then applied them…Holy
crap…My grades just shot up even more.”

But I’m actually offering you genuine
strategies, and I won’t charge you even close to that amount.

If you act on this right Now…

Now before you think I’m
crazy, for giving away something of so much value I want to explain WHY I’m doing
this at such a HUGE discount…

First – This is an *introductory* offer, and it won’t last
forever – In fact I’ll be increasing the price without warning ANYTIME.

Second – You might
not believe me, but
I saw three great friends of mine use these ultimate study secrets and their
life has changed FOREVER.
It gave me such a natural Buzz, seeing that I could help 🙂


You Can Get Started Today
– Click Here Right Now

That said, I didn’t want to just
“give away” these ultimate study secrets. Anyone wanting
these secrets would HAVE to put some “skin in the game” first. It
shows me that they will actually READ them and APPLY them

Plus the price is cheap enough that anyone
can skip going out to dinner and a movie with their buddies for a day (pack
a tuna-fish sandwich instead, and watch a DVD at home!) to discover these

Why not use a messily 27 bucks to discover
these simple study secrets that will allow you to live the life you deserve for
years to come?

I’m Going

These Seven Valuable Bonuses!

To be blunt: if you don’t see
the value in discovering what the “Ultimate Study Secrets” are all
about by investing such a small fraction to use these secrets right away, then
this isn’t for you. But if you read this far, then you’re one of the
“action-takers” I love to share invaluable knowledge with. So to
reward your action, I’m throwing in the following “Fast-Action”

To Use Your Mind for Study”

Harry D.
Kitson’s EXCLUSIVE Plan ON How To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Other

you’re Jack Bauer from the hit TV show “24”. Instead of
having 24 hours from saving the world from the Ukrainian terrorists, you have
a gun to your head and you MUST use the most effective Study Habits to
sit for an exam within 24 hours!

the question most students get posed when time runs out! And they still need
to score a brilliant mark on their test.

best part is this:
once you implement these habits, it’s a piece of cake after that!

Here’s What
The Table of Contents For This 226 Guide Looks Exactly Like:

Chapter 1:
Intellectual Problems Of The College Freshman

Chapter 2: Note

Chapter 3: Brain
Action During Study


Chapter 4:
Formation Of Study Habits

Chapter 5: Active

Chapter 6: First
Aids To Memory, Impression

Chapter 7: Second
Aids To Memory: Retention, Recall And Recognition

Chapter 8:
Concentration Of Attention


Chapter 9: How We

Chapter 10:
Expression As An Aid In Study

Chapter 11: How To
Become Interested In A Subject

Chapter 12: The
Plateau Of Despond

Chapter 13: Mental
Second Wind

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15: Bodily
Conditions For Effective Study

Get The Secrets And
The Amazing Bonuses

Memory Techniques”

A Shortcut To Remembering
Anything For An Exam – These Little Tricks and Tips, Will Turn Your Brain
Into A Sponge!!!

know this letter is about using the simple secrets to Dramatically Score Top
Marks on your exams. Believe me, it’s probably THE easiest way to get what I

believe it or not, there are other tricks to REMEMBERING Anything you need to
know for an exam! This Book is BRILLIANT,

I decided to lay bare these “Insider” secrets for turning your mind
into a super computer! Believe me, it’ NOT as hard as you think.  (Heck,
I was able to churn through Courses during college—and I only had
1-2 FREE hours a day between classes and gym!)

that’s why I’m throwing in this Amazing Guide. It’s the ULTIMATE blueprint
for creating a PHOTO-GRAPHIC memory, you will LOVE IT!

Here Are
Just SOME Of The Things
You’ll Discover IN “Advanced Memory Techniques”


to pinpoint exactly how your brain works – And more importantly how to
memorize ANYTHING you will need before an exam

FIRST thing you need to do before you memorize anything (If you don’t do
this, your mind will be blank when you stare at the exam paper.

one thing you MUST do when you prepare study notes and revise just before an
exam. (All the successful students in the world are centered on this ONE


secret to dealing with large amounts of information you need to memorize
before an exam.

to properly maximize the time you spend studying (it makes me sick to my
stomach people aren’t doing this!!)

one format that…based on YEARS and YEARS of testing…is the way to remember
any list of things for any exam!


quick and easy way to recall information you hear in class, that will be on an

a Whole LOT MORE!!!

Click Here To Claim Your
Bonuses Right Now!

Guide to Memory Increase”

A Sure Fire Way To Increase What You Can Remember For An Exam

– Simply Follow
A Few Of These Tricks And You Will Be Blown Away With How Much You CAN

“I Have
Seen Students ‘try’ to increase what they remember – But Without this eBook,
time and time again they are doomed to FAILURE”

sounding to dramatic, after you have used master techniques from Bonus #2 to
remember anything you need for an exam. It will come to a point where you
will need to recall A LOT of INFORMATION for a test.

without “A Guide to Memory Increase” Student life only gets harder! And trust
ME you don’t want remembering a lot of information for an exam to be hard!!!
This eBook will solve that issue once and FOR ALL!

The Secret Principals For a Super Powerful Memory”

Part:  this
eBook will show you how to remember
what you have previously forgotten!!!  Students at a seminar
were AMAZED when they discovered how I used the EXACT Principals in this

Click Here To Claim
Your Bonuses Right Now!

Insiders Guide To Time Management”

Discover How To
Get The Most Out of Your Study Time

–A Direct Way
to Make The Most of Your Time Before and During An Exam!

“The Are
Thousands of Students Out There And The One Thing I Hear The Most is BAD TIME

have literally had hundreds of emails come flooding in from students who
struggle with time. They feel that there is never enough time…One student
remarked to me that they “seem to spend hours trying to grasp one topic, and
in doing so loose track of time. Then end up rushing through other topics.”

Here Is
a Hint of What You will Master In “The Insiders Guide to Time Management”


to take the time to and Sit down and Study!

ONLY thing you need to do in order to Focus for a long period of time

to make sure there is ALWAYS enough time to sit down and study for an exam,
you might not think this is possible however…A Few secrets in this guide will
show you exactly how!


secret Time Management Skills that CEO’s of Huge Companies use –Where Their
Time means Millions of Dollars.

you Work in a job and still need to make time for study there are Three
Simple Steps You MUST FOLLOW!!)

one Thing YOU need to finish exams on time… I Love seeing Students follow
theses little tricks to absolutely astonish their teachers!


quick and easy way to ensure YOU NEVER LOOSE TRACK of TIME

to make sure you never worry time in an exam so more importantly you answer
the questions exactly as they are asked.

Would It Feel to Never Worry About Time Getting Away From You –

That You Can Manage Every Second Before and During An Exam? With Absolute

Click Here To Claim
Your Bonuses Right Now!

and Courage”

“The Confidence
I had when I walked into the exam after reading one chapter of this book…

Just increased
Ten Fold!”

“I Could
Not Believe How Much My Focus and Concentration Increased When The Confidence
I Had In My Self Just Shot Up”

What else can I say about this book, It is easy to read, straight to the point
and it’s not very long at all. But WOW it is filled with

Student must understand when sitting for exams….

Here Is
a Taste of What You will Discover In “Confidence and Courage”

to become confident and relaxed, when put in uncomfortable positions – Like
speaking to a large audience!

to keep the focus off your nervous mind and on the task at hand, works
anywhere, anytime!

to deal with mistakes so you can jump right back on the horse again, you will
be amazed at the results…

secret to prevent yourself from always needing approval. Learn how this
prevents you from scoring top grades and how to change your thought about
this, once and for all!

how to trust the power of your subconscious mind to control the way you feel
when nerves do set in.

one secret you can use automatically to handle what ever comes your way!

Simple Steps you can use straight away to discover the courage and confidence
within your self…whenever you need it most

And Much,
Much More…

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Your Bonuses Right Now!

Self Motivation Report – The science behind
continued motivation”

Imagine the
Feeling of 2 hours gone by and a whole course has been covered – You are
ready for the exam!

“It felt like
minutes had passed because I was that focused!”

Who Else
Wants To Know The Science Behind Continued Motivation For Students?

Report Is so precise that if followed – Will grant ANY Student such amazing
power, they will stun themselves. The secret in this Report, has changed the
lives of hundreds of students.

Do You
Want To Be Next?

This Report tells
the story of a person who would procrastinate about Everything. It follows
her story in a simple to read report with the exact detail of how an eminent
Dr solved this problem for her. The Exact steps that were taken are outlined
in full. In a way that can be copied exactly for any student. Which will
enable a student to be motivated and Focused for hours, either before and during
an exam…Or better yet, during the entire time they are sitting for their

These Simple Steps, And The Results Will Speak For Themselves – *GUARANTEED*

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Your Bonuses Right Now!

Money Saving Tips For Students”

For Students to
Save Thousands of Dollars Each Year!

Following a
handful of these tips will pay for the entire Ultimate Study Secrets
Package at least 10 x OVER!!!

Everything You Wanted To Do At School. By Saving Thousands Each year

know student life can be great fun, if you’re smart about it and score the
grades you want! However what makes student life even better is the ability
to enjoy these years, by experiencing life! And we all need money to do that;
you will be amazed at the savings you can make by following OVER 200 Money
Saving tips!

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Your Bonuses Right Now!

So if you’re seeing this page, the deal
is ON right now!

Here’s a rundown of what you get when you order
right now:

What Everyone
Else Pays

You Have TWO Choices To Make TODAY:

1) You can settle for piddly

little Grades and a future everyone else is settling for…

2) OR…you can wake up and join the Ultimate
Study Secrets Evolution! And start earning up to 90% per exam. You read
that right… I’m guessing a little more than what you ‘used’ to score in
exams!!!! After downloading these secrets

Yes Rick, Please Give Me
INSTANT ACCESS To The Entire Ultimate Study Secrets Now!

I Want To Download This
Immediately Before
The Price Goes Up Anytime Now!

also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to
offer me a 60-day money-back guarantee if I don’t start seeing the results
you promise I will make in my next exam!!!

Pay Now And Get Immediate Access
To The Full “Ultimate Study Secrets” In Minutes 

ClickBank sells our Ultimate Study Secrets – They are a trusted online retailer

Now that I’ve shown you how much these
simple secrets have re-written my transcript BEYOND the ‘norm’ Average
Joe Blow, it’s time for you to discover what the fuss is about is RIGHT NOW!

Listen, I kept the price low for a reason. Anybody can afford
27 bucks to discover how to dramatically increase their grades in School,
University or College. But in case you cannot…

If You
Have To Donate Blood,
Sell A Kidney, Or Eat Ramen Noodles
For A Day…DO IT!!!!

So don’t dink around. Order today…right
now…while it’s still hot on your mind!

P.S. These simple study secrets have put me
miles ahead of my fellow students for the past 3 years. I was able to work more,
go out more times in a week, and play a TON more sports, since I was earning up
to 92% for every exam I sat for. Today’s the first day I’m revealing this
simple, yet powerful secret—and I’m releasing it to EVERYONE! So order today!

P.P.S. One more thing, it’s important. In case you’re STILL on the fence
about this, I’m going to throw in a 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t
multiply your grades in 60-days, I’ll gladly refund your money—no questions
asked! That’s how confident I am that these study secrets will take your transcript
to the next level…like it has mine!! So what are you waiting
for…order today!


As well as receiving the 7 bonuses mentioned above –
The Next 25 people to download ultimate Study
Secrets will also have their hands on
another TOP SECRET BONUS…It helped 57 students last
year raise their grades by 25%!!!

Click here to get Secret Study Skills – The Ultimate Study Secrets at discounted price while it’s still available…

RBVKrWl - Secret Study Skills - The Ultimate Study Secrets

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